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The HullROVER cleaning unit is developed for mounting on a separate magnetic propulsion unit

Mission & Vision

The affordable ROV for in-water cleaning of ships

We focus on proven and affordable technologies to ensure robust robot performance.

We enable safety and growth in the subsea sector by providing equipment and services to remove marine fouling.

Our mission is to provide a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning ship hulls. Our ROV uses robust technologies to effectively remove marine growth from hulls, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency for ships. We are committed to continuously improving and expanding our product offering, and to providing exceptional customer service and support to our clients.

Partners and Investors

Our Partners


We have selected a range of suppliers for robust and affordable components


The Ecoinnovation Programme supported the feasibility project BioHull and continued its support with a substantial grant to HullROVER


The Danish Maritime Fund provides a seed funding that generously supports HullROVER


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Get your own HullROVER

The HullROVER will help you grow your in-water cleaning business. And ease the toll on fuel and climate for everyone